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    Die Roten Rahmen
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"THE RED FRAMES", 1997, 18 sculptures for the international exhibition "Inside", Kassel

Instead of a historical gate at the outskirts of town, the element of the individual entrance and exit in the form of a door frame is placed at the terminus or junctions of public transportation. The stop is a place of anticipation with the goal to move from there. The installation of the frames represents the closed gateway on one side and on the other side a threshold situation with an upward opened form. It arouses the willingness to enter another reality, as openess for the unknown, strange and new.

The form and the measure of the door frames for the interior carry over the intimacy of the private into the public area and give the feeling of individual meetings room for movement. In the active colour red appears the energetic and at the same time ambivalent situation of the person presently in the door frame: as stop point and as willingness for meeting. Door-less positions the frame room, forms open borders - possibilities for expansion in the perception. It symbolises the intersection of different perceptions at the moment of pause, openness and nosiness of the moments and following reactions. THE RED FRAMES mirror the meeting in public transportation as "not yet" the getting closer while waiting or as remembering the nearness due to a common trip. Signs of consciousness for a common time in a public area. These walk-in sculptures open themselves by moving, remind of gate ways and can initiate the view or the perception for mythologic door and threshold experiences.